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Yield & Economics

The plasma industry is facing pressure to provide a safe, efficacious and secure supply of plasma products around the globe. From a manufacturing perspective, many efforts have been set on increasing yield while maintaining process economics in this cost competitive market.

Associated Products
Fractogel Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins
Fractogel media provides the reliability that your applications demand – optimal yields, efficient purification, and an extremely long product lifetime.

Pellicon Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration
Offers an unparalleled solution to reduce in-process volumes, reach concentration and yield unachievable with batch TFF due to working volume limits, and enable connected and continuous processes.

Single-use Manufacturing
We’re providing the tools our customers need to change the way medicines are made – whether it’s reducing the cost of manufacturing, increasing flexibility and utilization of facilities, or moving production sites closer to the patient.  

Application & Tools
Formulation Product Finder
Quickly sort our product portfolio by dosage form, application, and many other parameters.