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Mobius® MyWay Single-Use Assemblies

Three Ways to Enhance Supply Security..

The Mobius® MyWay Portfolio offers single-use that’s ready when you are. Choose from Stock, Select, or Choice to have the assembly you want when you need it. Backed by premium quality, detailed documentation, and unmatched technical expertise, Mobius® MyWay offers you a reliable delivery.

Mobius® Stock
Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/mobius-2017/STOCK.pngOn-demand repeat assemblies
  • Standard off-the-shelf assemblies with guaranteed minimum supply levels
  • High-volume custom assemblies with monitored raw material and finished-good supply levels

Mobius® Select
Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/mobius-2017/SELECT.pngConfigure-to-order assemblies from an optimized component library
  • An optimized component library based on analysis of historical assembly designs for every application
  • The perfect balance of off-the-shelf speed and custom flexibility
  • Monitored component supply levels for reliable delivery dates
  • Comprehensive documentation for fast and easy implementation

Mobius® Choice
Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/mobius-2017/CHOICE.pngHighly customized solutions from our expansive component library
  • Our full component library for even greater customization
  • Designs for critical and complex applications backed by our technical and engineering expertise

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Mobius 2D & 3D Standard Assemblies

Mobius® 2D and 3D Assemblies and Storage Systems are key components in delivering efficient, ergonomic and scalable process solutions to your production floor.

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