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A Range of Columns for Reliable Solid-Phase Extraction

LiChrolut® columns for solid-phase extractionLiChrolut® columns are designed for reliable and rapid solid-phase extraction (SPE). This is achieved by using strong but reversible interactions between the analyte and the surface of the stationary phase. A variety of surface modifications allow non-polar extraction (LiChrolut® RP-18 and RP- 18 endcapped), polar extraction (LiChrolut® Si and LiChrolut® CN), cation exchange extraction (LiChrolut® SCX), mixed mode extraction (LiChrolut® TSC), and non-polar extraction on a polymer phase (LiChrolut® EN). The latter is especially suitable for the extraction of pesticides and phenols in water, or drugs in body fluids.

Outstanding Purity and Uniformity

LiChrolut® sorbents offer excellent batch-to-batch consistency. This is due to stringent testing of raw materials and continuous quality controls of the final product. The optimized, validated and certificated production of the sorbents also ensures a high degree of purity and uniformity. The multi-stage purification procedures performed on LiChrolut® materials are particularly valuable for trace analysis. The proportion of elutable components is negligibly small, resulting in purer extracts. As all stationary phases are monitored using the most sensitive analytical methods, very narrow set tolerances can be adhered to.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid sample preparation within minutes
  • Higher recoveries without emulsion formation
  • Highly precise analytical results using disposable cartridges
  • Saving of solvent, hence lower material and disposal costs
  • Possible to automate the entire process
  • Optimized, validated and certified manufacturing

LiChrolut® Selection Guide

The optimal extraction method depends on the analyte’s structure, solubility, polarity and lipophilic properties (distribution coefficients). The guide below will help you choose the most favorable LiChrolut® column for your application.

Selection Guide

Specifications of LiChrolut® and LiChrolut® EN

Sorbent typeHigh porosity synthetic silica gel particlesEthyl vinyl benzene divinyl benzene polymer (orange), irregular shaped
Particle size 40-63 μm 40-120 µm
Pore size 60 Å -
Pore volume - 0.75 mL/g
Specific surface area ~ 600 m2/g 1,200 m²/g (according to BET)
pH stability pH 2-8 pH 1-13

Wide spectra of chemically modified

Si 60 high purity, CN, RP-18e, RP-18,

SCX (strong cation exchanger),

TSC (Tox Screening Cation)
Capacity -

500 mg caffeine/g sorbent (model substance for polar analytes)

500 mg diisodecylphtalate DIDP/g sorbent (model substance for nonpolar analytes)

Specifications of Florisil®

Sorbent typeMagnesia-loaded silica gel
Particle size 150-250 μm
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