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Analytical Sample Preparation Membrane Filtration Devices

Trust Merck membrane filtration devices for the collection and preparation of samples, mobile phases, and buffers to obtain the highest quality results from downstream analysis.

Whether you need to collect, separate, or remove contaminants from air or fluid samples prior to downstream analysis, our broad selection of syringe filters, membranes, filter holders and related filtration devices ensures that we have the right solution for your application.
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Green Your Lab with Reusable Filtration Products

In building solutions for your entire life science workflow, we’re not only working together to improve human health, but we’re also minimizing our combined impact on the environment. Offering both single-use filters, as well as reusable filtration assemblies, we help you create a customized process that’s best for your lab. You’ll get better research results faster, at a lower cost to you and the planet.