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Ultrafiltration Discs

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Ultrafiltration Discs for Use in Stirred Cells

Amicon Ultrafiltration cut disc membranes

Assemble your stirred cell with the membrane of your choice. Amicon® Ultrafiltration cut disc membranes are available in regenerated cellulose and Biomax® polyethersulfone (PES). The membranes are available in a range of different pore sizes and diameters. Ultracel® regenerated cellulose membranes are recommended for concentrating or desalting dilute solutions. The hydrophilic, tight microstructure of Ultracel® membranes assures the highest possible retention with the lowest possible adsorption of protein, DNA or other macromolecules. Biomax® PES membranes are recommended for concentrating or desalting higher volumes of more concentrated samples such as serum, plasma, or conditioned tissue culture media.

Features & Benefits

  • Disc diameters include: 25, 44.5, 47, 63.5, 76, 90 and 150 mm
  • Both Ultracel® and Biomax® membranes are available in a wide range of pore sizes to meet your separation requirements
  • Compatible with Amicon® Stirred Cells