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Stainless Steel Housings


Safe, Reliable Performance

We have the expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing housings that satisfies the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as the rigorous requirements of global standards organizations. Our housings offer safe, reliable performance and process separation consistency to meet the complex needs of a wide range of your process applications.

Bevliner Cartridge HousingsBevliner™ Cartridge Housings

Bevliner™ housings modular design makes it easy to meet food and beverage process needs for single and multi-round housings with various inlet and outlet connections. These housings deliver safe, reliable performance and process separation consistency, from scale-up through manufacturing expansion.

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Millidisk® Sanitary Cartridge Housing

Millidisk Sanitary Cartridge Housing

Millidisk® cartridge housings are designed to handle the most critical sterile filtration steps for industrial processing applications. Typical applications include: sterile filtration of aqueous and solvent-based solutions, sterile tank venting, and sterile gas filtration.

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Milligard® Sanitary Cartridge Housings

The Milligard® housing is ideal for use with Millipore Code M cartridges in liquid or gas filtration.

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Millistak+ and Millistak+ HC HousingsMillistak+® and Millistak+® HC Housings

Millistak+® 316L stainless steel filter housings are designed for high-capacity liquid clarification. Offered in multiple sizes to accommodate varying production process volumes, Millistak+® housings complement the removal capacity, dependable performance, and efficiency of our extensive line of Millistak+® and Millistak+® HC filtration cartridges.

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Optiseal housingsOptiseal® Sanitary Cartridge Housings

The Optiseal® housing is designed for sterile filtration of aqueous solutions and gases using Optiseal® cartridge filters. The housing features easy-to-clean vents, drains, and connections, allowing complete sterilization.


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