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Millicell® EZ SLIDES

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Improved Analysis of Cell Lines and Neural Stem Cells
The new Millicell® EZ SLIDE enables cell biologists to culture, treat, fix, stain, and view cells all directly on a microscope slide. 

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From culture to analysis, all in one EZ SLIDE.

from cell culture to cell analysis, just use Millicell® EZ SLIDE
Simplify your cell analysis by using the Millicell® EZ SLIDE to culture, fix, stain and view your sample all in one device. There’s no need to remove the media chamber from the slide prior to fixing or staining. Easily remove wells without worrying about breaking slides or harming cells. Acquire data simply and quickly with Millicell® EZ SLIDEs.
millicell EZ SLIDE diagram.

Key Highlights

  • Breakable tabs for easy well removal
  • No tools required to remove wells from slide
  • No adhesive used to attach wells to slide
  • No leaky wells and no cross contamination
  • Polypropylene wells are resistant to most fixing and staining reagents and allow for fixing and staining with wells still attached
  • Slide holder protects slide from damage
  • Raised corner edges on the lid facilitate stacking in the incubator
  • Visualize easily without removing the lid
  • Can incubate in the tray supplied with the units
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Ordering Information

Catalogue No.
Number of Wells
PEZGS0416 Millicell® EZ SLIDE 4-well glass, sterile 4 16
PEZGS0496 Millicell® EZ SLIDE 4-well glass, sterile 4 96
PEZGS0816 Millicell® EZ SLIDE 8-well glass, sterile 8 16
PEZGS0896 Millicell® EZ SLIDE 8-well glass, sterile 8 96
PEZXMSH01 Millicell® EZ SLIDE Microscope Slide Holder 1