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Microcon® Centrifugal Filters

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/PSP/PSP-images/microcon_200px.jpgSimply and efficiently concentrate and desalt solutions of any macromolecule, using any centrifuge that can accept 1.5 mL tubes. With the low-binding Ultracel® membrane, Microcon® filters offer:
  • Typical recoveries of >95%, even for dilute solutions
  • Reverse spin to maximize recovery, even in the smallest samples
  • Convenient storage of filtrate or concentrated sample in standard microfuge tube
  • Concentration factors up to 100X

Microcon® DNA Fast Flow PCR Grade Filter

Working with low concentrations of DNA? Purifying DNA prior to PCR amplification? Use the PCR grade Microcon® ultrafiltration device. The dual cycle Ethylene Oxide (EtO) treated Microcon® DNA Fast Flow PCR grade devices enable centrifugal concentration at a similar rate as the Microcon® DNA Fast Flow devices, but the EtO treatment greatly reduces the risk that no uncontrolled contaminating nucleic acids enter the analysis process.

Microcon® DNA Fast Flow Filter

Optimized for the concentration and recovery of genomic DNA with SDS buffer. The low nonspecific binding characteristics of the membrane and the other device components, coupled with its medical-grade o-ring seal, allows the device to accommodate several wash steps with minimal sample loss.


  • High recovery for small volumes with reverse spin (concentration factor <20x) li="">Low-binding Ultracel® membrane
  • Fast processing

Sample applications:

  • Recovery of genomic DNA for forensic applications
  • Concentration and desalting of nucleic acids (high recovery alternative to ethanol precipitation)
  • Removal of primers from amplified DNA
  • Easy filtrate recovery, exploiting the flat membrane design
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    Use the following table to choose the correct Microcon® device for your application.

    Microcon® Device
    Application 10K 30K DNA Fast Flow
    Peptide and growth factor concentrationPeptide and growth factor concentration      
    Protein concentration and desalting of columns eluates      
    Protein concentration before electrophoresis or other assays    
    Protein removal prior to HPLC  
    Purification of macromolecular components found in tissue culture extracts and cell lysates  
    Concentration of biological samples (antigens, antibodies, enzymes)    
    Concentration of gDNA with or without SDS buffer  
    Concentration and desalting of nucleic acids (single-or double-stranded)
    Removal of labeled nucleotides
    Removal of labeled amino acids
    Removal of primers from amplified DNA  
    Removal of linkers prior to cloning  

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    Maximum initial sample volume 0.5 mL (500 μL)
    Typical final concentrate volume 5–50 μL
    Maximum relative centrifugal force
    Microcon® 10K devices 14,000 × g
    Microcon® 30K devices 14,000 × g
    Microcon® DNA Fast Flow devices 500 × g
    Recovery spin 1,000 × g
    Active membrane area 0.32 cm2
    Hold-up volume ≤ 10 μL
    Diameter 12.3 mm (0.5 in.)
    Length (filter device and tube in concentration mode) 45.0 mm (1.8 in.)
    Length (filter device and tube in recovery mode) 48.2 mm (1.9 in.)
    Materials of Construction
    Membrane Ultracel® low binding regenerated cellulose
    Device top Polycarbonate
    Membrane support base Acetal
    Filtrate/concentrate tube Polypropylene
    O-ring Medical-grade silicone rubber