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Spectroquant® Photometers and Accessories

High Measurement Quality from Handy Pocket Sizes to Lab-Bench Dimensions

Spectroquant® photometers

Merck´s range of Spectroquant® photometers, colorimeters, and accessories offers you the appropriate measurement instrument for every area of application – from simple pocket instruments all the way to powerful lab-bench photometers.

Spectroquant® Colorimeters
and Photometers Feature

  • high measurement quality
  • ease of use
  • excellent suitability for on-the-spot use
  • superior instructions
  • safety in their application

The concept common to all products is the high measurement quality in combination with a consistent analytical quality assurance (AQA) process. Plus: You can easily download new methods through our method updates.

Spectroquant® Photometers and Colorimeters

Spectroquant® Photometers
and Colorimeters

Ensure that your measurement values are reliable, reproducible and recognized analytical results! With Merck’s Spectroquant® colorimeters and photometers.

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Accessories for Spectroquant®

Accessories for Spectroquant® Photometers

To make your analyses with Spectroquant® colorimeters and photometers even more successful Merck offers a wide range of convenient accessories.

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Spectroquant Move®

Convenient Photometry
Explore our Spectroquant Move® Product Family

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Move for Disinfection

Move for Disinfection Control

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