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Eshmuno® A Resin


Protein A Affinity Chromatography Resin with an “AAA-Rating"

Eshmuno® A is a rigid, high capacity Protein A affinity chromatography resin for the purification of Fc-containing proteins, including but not limited to monoclonal antibodies. Eshmuno® A resin can be cleaned and sanitized under acid and alkaline conditions while maintaining high dynamic binding capacity at high flow rates.

Eshmuno® A resin earns an "AAA rating"
Eshmuno® A resin
  • Acid resistance
  • Alkaline resistance
  • Aggregate removal

Eshmuno® A resin further exhibits excellent –

  • Productivity: high binding capacity, superior flow capability, reusability, and low cost of goods (COGS)
  • Product purity: increased aggregate removal, excellent HCP reduction, low leached Protein A, consistent viral clearance, and reduced Fab binding
  • Scalability: linear scale-up
  • Reliability: batch-to-batch consistency, GMP manufacturing environment, and continuous regulatory support
Proven Technology

The Eshmuno® A resin contains a Merck proprietary ligand. This ligand is recombinantely expressed in E. coli. No animal derived products are used during production. The Eshmuno® A resin is synthesized via immobilization of the ligand on to the Eshmuno® base matrix, which is a rigid and hydrophilic polymer based on polyvinylether.

High Binding Capacity

Optimizing the particle and pore size of the Eshmuno® base matrix along with the immobilization of the Merck proprietary ligand enables a significant increase in dynamic binding capacity. Eshmuno® A resin shows higher dynamic binding capacity than other commercially available media. The sharp breakthrough curve allows for higher loading of Fc-containing protein to be purified, thereby maximizing column throughput.

The breakthrough curves of various commercially available Protein A media at 3 minutes residence time

Graphic legend: The breakthrough curves of various commercially available Protein A media at 3 minutes residence time

High Productivity

The combination of optimized particle size and high dynamic binding capacity at high flow rate translates into high productivity of Eshmuno® A media.
Dynamic Binding Capacity (mAb feed)

Graphic legend: Dynamic Binding Capacity (mAb feed)
Part of the BioContinuum Platform

Part of the BioContinuum™ Platform

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