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Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Media

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PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium

Merck’s PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium is a specially formulated defined media that maintains human pluripotent stem cells in feeder-free and serum-free conditions with less frequent feeding and cell culture time. The proprietary formulation utilizes Activin-A, TGFβ1, and b-FGF to promote stem cell self renewal and potent small molecule combinations to inhibit unwanted spontaneous differentiation along with HSA to aid in overall colony morphology.

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human pluripotent stem cell media

Feed Less. Discover More.

  • Feeder-Free, Serum-Free, Defined Cell Culture System for Human ES/iPS Cells.
  • Less Frequent Cell Feeding (Every other day, weekend free) Reducing Cost and Overall Cell Culture Time.
  • Low Total Protein and Growth Factor Concentrations.
  • High Viability and Proliferation in Single Cell Passaging.
  • Maintains Pluripotent Stem Cells in 3D Suspension Culture

Interested in Translational Stem Cell Research?

PluriSTEM™ is now available in a Xeno-Free format.

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Every Other Day Medium Change and Skip Weekends!

Suggested feeding regiment with Pluristem™ Human ES/iPS Medium (Product Number SCM130). H9 human ES cells cultured following the above regiment display undifferentiated morphology after 30 passages and express the pluripotent markers SSEA-4 and Oct-4.
Human ES Cells (H9) grown on PluriSTEM™-XF Recombinant Vitronectin (CC130) in PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium (SCM132).
Human ES Cells (H9) grown on PluriSTEM™-XF Recombinant Vitronectin (CC130) in PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium (SCM132).

PluriSTEM™-XF Recombinant Vitronectin

Move Over Matrigel.

PluriSTEM™ Recombinant Vitronectin is a truncated version of human vitronectin protein and is an effective xeno-free alternative to Matrigel for human ES and iPS cell culture using PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium, E8, MTESR or NutriStem human ES cell growth media in feeder-free culture conditions.

Benefits vs. Matrigel

  • Completely Xeno-Free ECM Protein
  • Completely Defined with Less Lot-to-Lot Variation
  • Less Expensive
  • Less Temperature Sensitive
  • Works with any TC plate and Buffers

PluriSTEM™ Dispase-II Solution

Dispase-II has proven to be a rapid and effective, yet gentle, agent for separating many tissues and cells grown in vitro. Reliably passage your human ES/iPS cells with our ready to use Dispase-II Enzymatic solution proven to work alongside PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium.

PluriSTEM™ Freeze Medium

Why waste time and energy with low yield pluripotent cell cryopreservation? Efficiently cryopreserve your human ES/iPS cells with our specially formulated PluriSTEM™ Freezing Medium.