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Fast. Accessible. Dynamic.

Guava® easyCyte users love the instruments’ accessibility, throughput and performance. Delivering multiparameter cell analysis with small volumes and less waste than conventional, sheath fluid-based systems, Guava® easyCyte benchtop flow cytometers are increasing researchers’ efficiency across diverse research areas.

Read what customers are saying about Guava® easyCyte flow cytometers.

"Easy to use and rapid sample-to-answer. Good option for high throughput analysis."
M. Glynn, Dublin City University, Ireland

"The Guava® easyCyte provides a robust and flexible platform for cell based immunochemistry applications for our company. We take advantage of the microplate reading ability to look at antibody specificity and sensitivity for both cell surface and intracellular antigens. Paired with a robotic stacker, we are able to use the easyCyte™ for automated, high throughput screening of up to ~2000 samples within a 24 hour period. The Guava® easyCyte is a key component in the services we provide to our clients."
J. Lowitz, USA

"Quick and easy to use flow cytometer."
B. Wolf, USA

"Our cytomic platform is equipped with 3 Guava® easyCyte flow cytometer (sic) (Red and Blue Laser 6C, Blue laser 4C and Green laser 2C) running daily without any problems…especially appreciate the easy way to run samples and the EXTRAODINARY simple way (sic) to analyze data with inCyte a revolutionary (drag and drop your regions to make a gate) and really POWERFUL software where you can compare up to 6 populations in a 96 well pie format! You have to test it!!!"
C. D. Muller, University of Strasbourg, France

"This flow cytometer has a very user-friendly interface, great analysis options, and works well with large sample numbers. We had a few glitches to start with, but now that those are fixed it is running very smoothly."
J. Stone, WSU, USA

"The use of the Guava® easyCyte flow cytometer to screen for monoclonal antibodies has proven to be an excellent tool in our lab. I will explain why. Guava® was used in a high throughput manner to screen monoclonal antibodies against the dengue virus protein called non-structural 1 (NS1). The NS1 protein circulates in the blood of virus-infected individuals. A simple rapid test to diagnose dengue virus infection could be developed based on having a pair of antibodies against NS1 present in serum. By having Guava® in our lab I was able to screen thousands of hybridoma clones which would properly recognize infected cells expressing the NS1 protein. With the pair of monoclonal antibodies in hand we are developing a rapid test coupling the monoclonal antibody to gold nanoparticles and immobilizing the antigen-antibody complex in a lateral flow test using the second non-competitive antibody. Currently millions of cases of dengue occur annually in the tropical world, with very little access to rapid diagnosis and proper medical care. This mosquito-borne disease is the fastest expanding infectious disease. The use of a Guava® instrument allowed a biochemist and cell biologist scientist to obtain specific antibodies with a relative much lower cost and processing time than that utilized by a core facility."
I. Bosch, USA

"The instrument was incredibly easy to set-up and use. Within hours we were about to start getting meaningful results for our study. While we purchased the instrument for a specific study we are still trying to configure how to make the measurement on the flow cytometer. I am sure that with enough time and thought we can design the experiment which will allow the flow cytometer to measure out fluorescent monoclonal antibody."
L. Miller, USA

"Our lab needed a smaller and easy to maintain flow analyzer, and the single laser easyCyte™ fit the bill perfectly. The microcapillary sampling mechanism allows us to use small volumes of our precious samples, and is a snap to calibrate and maintain…Overall an excellent lower budget flow machine."
A. Signore, USA

"Small instrument and very easy to use."
C. Slaney, La Trobe University, AUS

"Great benchtop flow cytometer. Tiny footprint means the instrument is on a regular lab bench, no special side room required. We have multiple users, it is easy to use, particularly like the automated facility to run samples in 96-well plate."
H. Wright, UK

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