Millipore Express® PHF Hydrophilic Filter

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Protect Your Buffer Process

Millipore Express® PHF Hydrophilic Filter provides broad chemical compatibility, high flow rates and extended throughput for superior process efficiency and economy.

  • Sterilizing-grade
  • Faster flow rates than most sterilizing-grade filters, reducing process footprint
  • Multiple steam-in-place or autoclave sterilization cycles
  • Single-use, gamma ready formats
  • Broad chemical compatibility, high and low pH 1–14
  • Fully scalable product offering
Developed to Enhance Buffer Filtration
Millipore Express® PHF filters use a fast flowing membrane specifically developed for the filtration of buffers, pH adjusters and other aqueous intermediate pharmaceutical and biotech solutions. Designed to offer high-flux performance and improved process economics, Millipore Express® PHF filters are compatible with a wide range of buffer chemistries, including acids and sodium hydroxide.
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Merck Introduces Millipore Express® PHF Hydrophilic Sterilizing-Grade Filters for Fast, Efficient and Economical Buffer Filtration

Merck today introduced Millipore Express® PHF (process protection, high-flux) hydrophilic filters for fast, efficient and economical buffer filtration.

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