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Prepacked Chromatography Columns


Prepacked Columns for Flexible Processing and Easy Handling

Chromatography columns are critical factors to the successful separation of your valuable molecule. We have an extended offering of standard, custom and prepacked columns from lab-scale to pilot and process-scale.

Prepacked columns help you manage the time-consuming, laborious process of packing chromatography columns, leaving more time for processing your product. A variety of column sizes and chromatography resin combinations are available. Resin quality remains consistent with columns packed in a quality controlled environment using established packing procedures that produce reproducible results.

From screening to large-scale production, our prepacked columns are designed to provide robust, consistent performance with the processing flexibility you need. With prepacked columns from Merck, you can –

  • Eliminate laborious, time-consuming column packing
  • Enable fast set-up time compared to traditional stainless steel hardware
  • Eliminate the need to clean hardware (resin can be stored in sanitized solution)
  • Easily test different chromatography resins for media evaluation
Prepacked Columns from Merck at Various Scales

For High Throughput Screening (HTS) and Media Evaluation:

  • MiniChrom Columns - for analytical and preparative chromatography with small volumes and rapid separation. Filled with ProSep®, Fractogel® and Eshmuno® media for media evaluation.
  • RoboColumns® - easy-to-use, pre-packed columns that can be arranged on well plates for laboratory robot workstations for high throughput screening.

For media screening:

  • HIBAR® columns - ready-to-use stainless steel columns prepacked with chromatography sorbents for the separation of mg up to grams range of final product.

Our chromatography resins are now available pre-packed in Repligen’s OPUS® columns!

From benchtop to production our full portfolio of resins is now available in a single-use, plug and play format. The collaborative offering combines our high performance resins with the industry leading OPUS® pre-packed columns for ultimate flexibility.

OPUS® columns provide linear performance scale up from process validation to manufacturing.


OPUS® Columns

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Whether its Eshmuno®, Fractogel®, or ProSep®, we have a resin ready for any process.

Fractogel® Resins

A synthetic polymer media, with proprietary tentacle technology, Fractogel® resins offer long liner polymer chains that increase functional groups’ accessibility and sharp elution profiles for high throughput and selectivity with excellent purity and yield.

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Eshmuno® Resins

Eshmuno® resins are unique line for ion exchange and Protein A designed for highly productive downstream purification, with rigid base beads for easy packing and proven tentacle technology for high binding capacity resulting is reduced time and cost.

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ProSep® Resins

The ProSep® family of resins is optimized for large-scale product and exhibits chemical and mechanical stability over a range of conditions including low pH, exposure to detergent, buffers of varying ionic strengths and many organic solvents.

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Single-Use Integration

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Technical Support:

Eshmuno® CP-FT Resin

Eshmuno® CP-FT Resin
First cation exchange resin specifically developed for the flow-through
removal of mAb aggregates

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