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IVD/OEM Materials and Reagents Services

Merck can provide a global solution for the diagnostic industry, with targeted support and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Our services portfolio includes:

Custom Antibodies

We offer customization of our catalogue antibodies, providing manufacturers with the convenience of an application-ready product. Manufacturers can choose from milligram to kilogram amounts of off-the-shelf antibodies, which are extensively tested and characterized.We can also custom tailor an antibody to meet specific kit or device applications.

Contract Manufacturing Services

With the consolidation of two great companies, Merck contains years of experience in antibody, reagent and IVD kit manufacturing and combines it with a full range of custom and contract manufacturing services for the diagnostic manufacturer.

Custom Microspheres

You are looking for something new in terms of particle size, density, ferrite content, color etc, but you have not found this up till now. Estapor® Microspheres provides custom development for the Diagnostic and the Biotech industries.