Polygard-CT Cartridge Filters

Maximizes dirt-holding capacity while affording extremely low differential pressures, offering a long service life.



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    Polygard® CT Filters

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    What is the surface area of the Polygard CT and Polygard CR filters?These depth filters are made of wrapped polypropylene layers. This wrapped filter media creates a filter with no geometric repeating structure, but rather a matrix of tortuous paths through the filter. The filter has a graded density, with larger pores at the outside edge, and has tighter pores at the core. It is not possible to accurately measure the surface area of this matrix. A more useful measurement is to perform trials on a feed solution with a small scale version of the filter, and convert the resulting flow rates and pressure differences to "10 inch filter equivalents". In this way, you can use the actual performance of your feed solution with a particular filter to help size the numbers of filters needed for a large batch.