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multiscreen plate products for cell culture No matter what application you’re working with, {HCompany} has a plate developed to meet your specific needs. MultiScreen® plates have a long history as a reliable tool for the advancement of drug discovery and life science research.

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No matter what application you’re working with, Millipore has a plate developed to meet your specific needs. MultiScreen plates have a long history as a reliable tool for the advancement of drug discovery and life science research. Use the Mulitscreen plate selection wizard below to choose the correct plate for your method.
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HTS Filter Plates

MultiScreenHTS plates are specifically developed for high-throughput use with automated work stations. Rigid sidewalls improve handling and ample surfaces are provided for barcode labels. Wells are individually sealed to prevent incubation crosstalk and the underdrain is removable for access to the filters. Filter plates are available in 96- and 384-well platforms with a broad selection of membranes and plastics.

MultiScreen® High Volume Filter Plates

Looking for a filter plate that holds 2 mL per well? The MultiScreen® High Volume filter plate can process up to 2 mL of aqueous and organic solutions, with best-in-class discrete and quantitative filtrate transfer to a custom designed 96-well MultiScreen® High Volume collection plate using the MultiScreenHTS vacuum manifold. The MultiScreen® High Volume filter plate is fully automation-compatible and complies with ANSI Deepwell Plate standards. Choose between Durapore® (PVDF) and glass fiber high volume filter plates.

Classic Filter Plates

The original multiwell design is valuable for many applications which require immersing the filter in an assay tray. The easily removable underdrain and unique plate design are ideal for assays such as Elispot, PAMPA, cell screening (migration, invasion or chemotaxis) or for topcount detection users.

MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold

The MultiScreenHTS Vacuum manifold was designed specifically to work with MultiScreenHTS filter plates. The combination results in optimal filtration characteristics and seamless automation integration.

Other Accessories

Millicell Assay Plates

In addition to the traditional assay plate format, filter plates are also available with cell culture trays for growing and assaying suspension and adherent cell lines. Cells grown on filter plates differentiate better than those grown on traditional plastic substrates, resulting in more in vivo-like results. This filter plate/tray combination can be used for a variety of cellular assays, including, transport, toxicity and screening assays.

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