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Parteck® LM Excipient System self-lubricated filler-binder for tableting

Both in batch and continuous manufacturing processes of solid oral dosage forms, lubrication can be a challenge. The most widely used lubricant, magnesium stearate, comes with dosing issues due to its poor flowability. Over lubrication is often cited as an issue, resulting in reduced tablet hardness and high friability. Under lubrication on the other hand can result in capping and sticking of the tablets to the die.

Especially in continuous (CM) processes, reliable dosing is critical for a consistent performance of the process and final formulation. Parteck® LM excipient shows excellent flow properties and supports both batch and CM processes by allowing consistent dosing and robust, constant mixing times. Parteck® LM excipient is a combination of two excipients – mannitol and Mg stearate – but comes with three functions, all of which are essential for solid dose formulations: filler, binder, and lubricant.

Two grades are offered: Parteck® LM low for low dose applications and less requirement for lubrication. Parteck® LM high is the right choice for higher API loads and more demanding cases with regards to lubrication.

Parteck® LM excipient is applicable in direct compression, roller compaction, wet granulation or dry granulation as well as capsule filling. In addition, our Emprove® Program provides comprehensive and thorough documentation, supporting supply chain transparency, risk mitigation and qualification processes, thus accelerating time-to-market.
Benefits of Parteck® LM:
  • Multifunctional excipient for compressional tableting processes – Filler + binder + lubricant
  • Reduces dosing issues in continuous manufacturing
  • Handling robustness supports limitation of overlubrication in batch operation
  • High binding capacity - strong tablets
  • Proven lubrication efficiency
  • Two grades allow for flexibility in formulation development
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory support for registration

Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
104409 Parteck® LM high 1 kg, 25 kg
104429 Parteck® LM low 1 kg, 25 kg
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