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Enhanced opacity with ideal particle properties

Titanium dioxide is extensively used in solid dosage forms as an opacifier and colorant. Due to regulatory developments and restrictions by authorities, formulators are increasingly interested in titanium dioxide-free solutions for both dietary supplements and medicinal products. Uniform colored and white coatings applied to tablets not only have an aesthetic function but also improve patient compliance.

Parteck® TA excipient - our titanium dioxide alternative - has been developed to address the need for an appealing white finish that does not use titanium dioxide. Its unique morphology and designed particle size distribution ensures enhanced opacity, even for challenging pre-colored tablets cores.

This mineral pigment performs excellently when used in HPMC- and PVA-based film coatings for immediate release tablets, thereby allowing higher pigment concentrations while maintaining high process efficiency. An ideal choice of film coating agent is Parteck® COAT (art. 141517), a PVA-based excipient that is even able to achieve increased opacity compared to standard HPMC-containing formulations.

Parteck® TA helps you to achieve a level of covering and whiteness comparable to TiO2-containing film coatings without affecting your tablets' performance, making it a suitable alternative to titanium dioxide.

Benefits of Parteck® TA:

  • Mineral and nature-identical pigment
  • GRAS and compliant with Ph Eur, BP and USP
  • Our Emprove® documentation facilitates qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization
  • Excellent compatibility with HPMC and PVA film coatings (including our Parteck® COAT)
  • High process efficiency due to lower viscosity of the spraying liquid
  • Enables an appealing and uniform tablet appearance
  • Enhanced opacity due to tailored particle size distribution and unique morphology

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Cat. No. Product Description Quantity
124069 Parteck® TA (Calcium carbonate) Emprove® Essential Ph Eur,BP,USP,E170,FCC 1 kg, 25 kg
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