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Stericup® Quick Release Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters

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Introducing Stericup® Quick Release sterile filtration systems with fast-flow Millipore Express® PLUS PES membrane.

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How did we make the Stericup® Filter  
Even Better?

Watch the video and see how we refined the Stericup® Quick Release with you in mind.


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The Stericup® Sterile Vacuum Filtration Systems are known to research scientists worldwide for reliable, high-performance membranes and optimum sterile filtration of laboratory reagents, buffers, and media. The enhanced Stericup® Quick Release system provides the same unequivocal performance as the original Stericup® filters, with design enhancements recommended by scientists like you.

The Stericup® Quick Release systems combine a Steritop® vacuum filter unit with a redesigned receiver bottle for filtering and storing volumes from 150 to 1000 mL, and are ideal for sterilization and/or clarification of buffers, cell and tissue culture media and other aqueous solutions.

Order Stericup® Quick Release Filter Units

Order Steritop® Quick Release Filter Units

Here’s what’s new and improved in the Stericup® Quick Release Filtration System:

What’s new?
The Quick Release filter funnel disconnects from the receiver bottle with just a quarter turn- reducing the likelihood of spillage and making it easier to manipulate on the bench or under the hood.

Frosted, ample writing surface on the receiver bottle and lighter cap color facilitate clear labeling to improve legibility and reduce errors on critical notations.

Click seal confidence cap is flanged and modified to enable a firm grip in wet or dry conditions and tactile stop confirms secure closure. No more worries about the possibility of contamination or spillage of sterilized content.
What’s better?
Bold Product identification on the Steritop® filter funnel plainly displays membrane characteristics, including composition and pore size, for rapid, application-appropriate filter selection.

Stericup® filter packaging ensures sterility during transport and storage, and new easy-open feature provides a tab on every corner.

Improved peel-and-stick label on the sterile bag clearly denotes filter lot and part number. Simply peel and place in a lab notebook for accurate tracking and reference.

Designed for single use. The Stericup® Quick Release reduces the likelihood of inadvertent re-use, ensuring media starts sterile and stays sterile.

Same Trusted Performance – Enhanced Design

Everything that made the original Stericup® filters a staple in your lab and labs around the world, remains at the core of the Stericup® Quick Release system.
  • Proven Millipore® Membrane performance with industry-leading membrane technology that delivers high flow rates, low protein binding and retention volumes.
  • Compact, easy-grip receiver bottle ensures control and stability during filtration, making the Stericup® Quick Release Filter ideal for use in laminar flow hoods.
  • Recessed threads on the cap help ensure sterility even when set face-down, while fins allow it to be set on its side without rolling away or falling off the bench.
  • The bottom of the receiver flask is slightly recessed, enabling capped flasks to be stacked for convenient storage
  • A tab is built into the receiver bottle to enable easy-attachment of pre-filter disks (not included) for hard to filter solutions.
  • The receiver bottle is made from clear durable polystyrene and the entire unit is sterilized by gamma irradiation.
  • Stem cell tested Express® PLUS PES membrane filters, safeguard the viability of growth media.

Order Steritop® Quick Release Filter Units