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Stericup® and Steritop™ Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters

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Stericup® E and Steritop® E Filtration Systems
Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/stericup-e-flask.jpgMillipore® engineers innovate for your lab–and for our world.

Designed with the environment in mind, these sterile filters thread directly onto virtually any media bottle, significantly cutting down on the use of plastic and packaging, and reducing biohazardous waste.

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Stericup® Quick Release Filtration System
Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/cell-culture-images/Stericup_500mL_merged_CMYK_0724.jpgRefined with you in mind
Work with ease. Filter with confidence.

Stericup® Quick Release filtration systems streamline your workflow with ergonomic design updates and safeguard your results with the proven performance of Millipore membranes.

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Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters

The Stericup® and Steritop™ comprise Merck’s legendary high performance vacuum filtration systems. Stericup® filter units are available with a receiver flask for processing and storing volumes from 150 mL up to 1,000 mL.

There’s Only One Stericup® Vacuum Driven Sterile Filter.

Precise assays start with high performance Stericup® media filtration. Accept no substitutes.

Stericup® and Steritop™ filter units with improved Millipore Express® PLUS membranes are the gold standard because they are:
  • Ideally suited for sterile filtration of a variety of complex cell culture medias, buffers, and reagents
  • Designed for maximum flow rate
  • Designed for extremely low protein binding
  • Intelligently designed with stable, no-tip, easy-grip, stackable compact profiles especially valuable in tight spaces like laminar flow hoods
  • Available with a selection of high performance Merck membranes and processing volumes

Reduce Your Culture Variability by Choosing Stericup® Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters.

Compare performance to other vacuum driven sterile filters: (Click each chart to enlarge.)
Fastest media throughput for less clogging:
Comparison of media flow rate between multiple vacuum-driven filters. 500 mL of DMEM with 10% FBS was filtered through various vacuum-driven cup devices and timed.

Lowest protein binding for less protein loss:
Comparison of protein binding between multiple vacuum-driven filters. Discs cut from various filters were offered a 1 mg/mL solution of 125I labeled lgG. The chart shows protein binding after incubation (normalized to membrane surface area).

Cell Isolation Applications
Stericup® filters are used by researchers in fields such as stem cell research and anti-viral therapeutic monitoring, for the removal of cell debris from supernatants.

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Customer Testimonials

"For over 40 years we’ve trusted Merck to provide the quality filtration tools we need.”

James T. Voss, NRRPT, CHP Fellow, Health Physics Society, President of Voss Associates.

“Trusted partners like Merck are rare but central to our success”

Dr. Michael West, CEO, BioTime, Inc., Renowned thought leader in stem cell therapeutics