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Eshmuno® CP-FT Resin

First cation exchange resin developed for the flow-through removal of aggregates using frontal chromatography.


Increased performance
  • Superior flow-through removal of mAb aggregates
  • High product recoveries at high mass loadings
Reduced costs
  • Significant reduction in resin and buffer volume
  • Smaller manufacturing footprint (smaller columns, buffer tanks, etc.)
Intensified process
  • Low salt process conditions eliminate the need for dilution before subsequent ion exchange steps
  • Significant reduction in processing volumes improves virus filtration and ultrafiltration processing economics
Enhanced ease of use
  • Rigid base bead enables higher flow rates and easier column packing
2019 R&D 100 Winner
Eshmuno CP-FT Resin
Eshmuno CP-FT Resin
Novel Tentacular Ligands Developed
Explore Efficiency
Significant cost savings in mAb downstream purification.

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With Eshmuno® CP-FT resin, we are extending our current IEX chromatography resin portfolio with a novel flow-through frontal mode of operation.