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Small volume filtration with Millex® sterile syringe filters.Millex® Syringe filters set the standard for reliable small volume filtration (1 mL to 200 mL).

  • Available in 4, 13, 25, 33, and 50 mm diameters
  • Minimal hold-up volume for less sample loss of small volumes and are ideal for solutions such as antibiotics and tissue culture additives. Their unsurpassed quality and consistency of results has led to the development of many sample preparation methods that specify Millex® filters.
Manufactured for Reliable Performance
Manufacturing occurs in a controlled environment using an automated process. Sterile devices are provided with a certificate of quality.

Faster Flow Rate
33 mm Millex filters have 20% more filter surface than 25 mm filters for significantly higher flow rate and throughput.

Higher Operating Pressure
With a maximum housing pressure of 150 psig (10 bar), solutions can be filtered faster.

Low Extractables, Low Binding
A variety of membranes and housings ensure chemical compatibility with a range of samples and solvents.

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