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Software for the CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic System

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Intuitive CellASIC® ONIX2 System software enables quick and easy set-up of detailed protocols for truly automated hands-free cell culture. Set your parameters, time your changes- and the system does the rest.

The simple and straightforward interface makes it possible for experts or novice users to get started quickly and easily, while ensuring consistency throughout your experiment. Perfect for experiments where timing of flow switching is critical, as well as long, time-lapse experiments, where constant user supervision is not feasible.

In addition, the software offers:

  • Clearly defined protocols with all experimental parameters saved in one file
  • Convenience and reproducibility - to repeat an experiment, just put in a new plate, and click ‘run’.
  • Consistency and reliability - Better portability and control of software protocols means more consistent experimentation.
  • Error checking, self test, and data logging all make for better troubleshooting and serviceability.
  • The ability to use together with your microscopy software - synchronize imaging with cell experiment control, and connect your experiment data with your image data.

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