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Greatly increased enrichment of EGF receptor using M-PEK compared to total cell lysate.
Experimental details...
HEK293 cells were extracted with buffered 1% Triton® X-100 to generate a total lysate or extracted with M-PEK to yield a membrane fraction. Equal volumes of these fractions were utilized to quantitate the concentration of EGF receptor in the samples using a EGF-R ELISA Kit. Protein concentrations were used to calculate the amount of EGF-R per mg protein in the total lysate and the membrane fraction. The measurements demonstrate a 4.5 fold enrichment of the EGF receptor in the M-PEK-extracted membrane fraction.
The ProteoExtract® Native Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (M-PEK) is designed for the isolation of native membrane proteins from mammalian cells and tissue. The ProteoExtract® Transmembrane Protein Extraction Kit (TM-PEK) provides a detergent-free novel chemistry to enable the mild and efficient extraction of transmembrane proteins, such as GPCRs, from mammalian cells and tissues.