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Dehydrated Culture Media for Enrichment
 and Enumeration

Merck offers a wide range of granulated, dehydrated culture media for the non-selective enrichment of microorganisms and for microbial count applications (spread plate, pour plate) in the food and beverages industries. Our dehydrated culture media are produced with a unique granulation technology that guarantees the utmost convenience and safety of our products while meeting the highest industry performance standards as described in ISO 11133.

General Enrichment

Culture media for general enrichment are formulated to enable all the viable microorganisms in a sample to grow. The enrichment medium is non-selective, thus it does not inhibit the growth of any microorganisms. Therefore this method cannot be used for selectively culturing of specific microorganisms.

Plate Count

Plate count methods are used to count the number of viable cells in a sample. The two main techniques are the spread plate method and the pour plate method. In the spread plate method the diluted sample is spread over the surface of an agar plate. In the pour plate method the diluted sample is first pipetted into an empty sterile Petri dish. Then the cooled-down but still liquid agar medium is added and then mixed with the sample. This method is used for colonies to grow throughout the agar.

Dehydrated culture media for general enrichment and plate count

Dehydrated Culture Media for General Enrichment
and Plate Count

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