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Years of experience in the manufacture of immuno-reagents and IVD products have given us an encompassing awareness of the importance of high-quality secondary antibodies.

This experience, combined with decades of serving the IVD Industry, positions us as a valuable resource in the development of secondary antibodies for your new assays, as well as an experienced troubleshooter when the inevitable atypical results arise.

Our staff is proud of a long and successful track record of assisting clients with secondary antibody formulations. Our in-house development of proprietary purification and adsorption protocols gives us unique capabilities in the precision formulation of secondary antibodies such as:

  • On-site manufacturing assures complete control of quality and supply in an ISO environment
  • Lot sizes to 700 L reduce QC validation time and expense for your manufacturing group
  • In-house IVD manufacturing experience means you have access to an experienced technical staff that fully understands the specific needs of the IVD manufacturing environment
  • Formulating reagents to your specific applications creates the precise reagents necessary to give your assays optimal performance and sensitivity
Anti-Human Antibodies and Conjugates
  • Goat Anti-Human
  • Mouse Anti-Human
  • Rabbit Anti-Human
Anti-Mouse Antibodies and Conjugates
  • Goat Anti-Mouse
  • Mouse Anti-Mouse
Anti-Rabbit Antibodies and Conjugates
Anti-Rat Antibodies and Conjugates
Anti-Goat Antibodies and Conjugates
Anti-Sheep Antibodies and Conjugates
Other Secondary Antibodies


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