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High Throughput Protein Concentration

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MultiScreen® Filter Plate with Ultracel®-10 Membrane High Throughput UF Technology

MultiScreen® filter plate with Ultracel®-10 membrane provides a new method for high throughput sample prep. The ultrafiltration-based filter plate is designed for automation-compatible sample purification, concentration and desalting of biological solutions, as well as protein removal from samples prior to instrument analysis.


The 96-well MultiScreen® filter plate incorporates Ultracel®-10 10,000 kDa nominal molecular weight limit regenerated cellulose ultrafiltration membrane for low-binding, high recovery results. It is designed for use with centrifugation and is compatible with standard microtiter plates, instrumentation, and liquid handling equipment.

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MultiScreen® filter plate with Ultracel®-10 membrane is designed for low protein binding and high protein retention. The assay-grade plates meet stringent manufacturing release specifications and are lot tested for protein retention for >95% retention of cytochrome c (12,500 Daltons). They also offer high well-to-well uniformity of performance.

Versatile Operation

MultiScreen® filter plates with Ultracel®-10 membrane allow for processing and collection of sample volumes from 50 to 500 µL. They are compatible with a range of standard receiver 96-well microtiter plates including 300 µL, 700 µL deep well and 150 µL conical well.

MultiScreen® filter plates with Ultracel®-10 membrane are ideal for applications including protein concentration and desalting prior to validation or screening assays. They are able to remove large molecular weight proteins prior to instrument analysis.


Typical spin times with respect to filtrate volume.
Different protein solutes with an initial sample volume of 300 µL were spun at 2000 x g. Ultrafiltrate volumes are lower for samples with higher protein concentrations such as serum.