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Listen and watch our single-use processing webinars to learn about the latest technologies, experimental tips and troubleshooting strategies for your processes.

Time is of the Essence: Creating a New Synergy Between Single-Use Adopters and Suppliers

May | 2016
  • Presenter: Celia Landers, Senior Product Manager, Merck
  • Abstract
    This presentation reviews the methodology used for developing a new program in single-use standardization that provides three options to enhance supply security. 

    Biopharmaceutical companies race to achieve milestones, advance promising molecules, improve productivity and reduce costs. In addition to perfecting the biology, companies must grapple with challenges such as standardization of process technology, supply security and process economics, especially in light of the burgeoning interest and adoption of single-use systems. Efficient implementation of single-use systems is more than incorporating disposable components into the process. It requires a new approach by suppliers of these systems to nimbly and effectively address such challenges. This session will highlight best practices for creating a new synergy between biopharmaceutical companies and single-use suppliers to strike the right balance of design flexibility, supply predictability and reliable lead times necessary to beat the clock. A case study describing a more efficient and practical “bottoms-up” approach to configuring and delivering single-use assemblies will be presented. 

    In this webinar you will learn: 
    • How to choose single-use assemblies that are best suited for your process 
    • Risk reduction strategies that incorporate stock or specialized single-use assemblies vs. custom solutions 
    • Best practices to strike the right balance of design flexibility and supply predictability 

Shipping Guidelines for Transporting Bulk Drug Product

May | 2016
  • Presenter: Karen Green, Senior Product Manager, Mobius Assemblies, Merck
  • Abstract
    A critical need of the global biopharma customer is to easily & safely, store and ship in-process buffers, intermediates & bulk drug substance products throughout a network of global bioprocessing locations. In the biopharmaceutical industry, there are a number of ISTA and ASTM shipping guidelines that are referenced for the movement of these large liquids via road, air and rail.

    This webinar will review the various shipping guidelines and provide attendees with an informed understanding of the tests that are applicable when simulating the level of safety and protection of large bulk liquids in transit.

Introducing Lynx® CDR Connector: Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect

May | 2016
  • Presenter: Kara Der, Applications Engineer, Merck
  • Abstract
    Current disposable connector technology only allows users to make a single sterile-to-sterile connection per device and often requires complex assemblies in situations where multiple connections are needed. Additionally, only dry connections can be made. The Lynx® CDR Connector offers users the ability to connect, disconnect and reconnect, while maintaining a sterile flow path for up to six connection/disconnect cycles. This first-of-its-kind, multi-use connector greatly reduces the need for tube-welding and complicated manifold systems, thus increasing process simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Additionally, connections and/or disconnections can be made wet and with the flow path under pressure, further adding to the flexibility of the approach. Join this webinar to learn more about the Lynx® CDR Connector, including a review of work done to demonstrate that the connector is able to maintain a sterile flow path through six connect/disconnect cycles.