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Human iPS Reprogramming Boost Supplement II
Increase reprogramming efficiency with the reprogramming boost supplement.
Merck’s Human iPS Reprogramming Boost Supplement II contains three proprietary small molecules (TGF-β RI Kinase Inhibitor IV, Sodium Butyrate and PS48) in amounts sufficient to supplement 350 mL of human ES cell maintenance medium.
Traditionally, iPS cell generation has been plagued by low reprogramming efficiencies depending on the method of iPS cell generation and starting cell type used. Millipore has developed various reprogramming boost kits which contain a collection of validated small molecule inducers and inhibitors to increase the overall reprogram efficiencies achieved with any reprogramming method used. The iPS Reprogramming Boost Supplements conveys the following advantages:

Reprogramming Boost Kit Advantages:

  • Decreases time required to establish fully reprogrammed colonies by 50%
  • Enhances generation of fully reprogrammed colonies (SSEA-4+ TRA-1-60+ Hoechst Dim)
  • Improves colony morphology — colonies possess distinctive flat 2D morphology and can be easily passaged
  • More than doubles reprogramming efficiency