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STEMCCA Lentivirus Reprogramming Kits

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Featured Product:
Human STEMCCA/TAT-Cre Bundle
Cells express RFP before Cre-recombination.  Cre-mediated recombination induces the expression of the GFP, by deleting the LoxP-flanking RFP gene.  Maximal GFP expression was achieved when 4 mM TAT-Cre was used to treat the cells overnight.
Designed to efficiently create transgene-free human iPS cells consistently! Combine the robust reprogramming efficiencies of STEMCCA lentivirus with our TAT-Cre Recombinase fusion protein for efficient removal of viral transgenes from human iPS cells. It's the best of both worlds.

STEMCCA Lentivirus Reprogramming Kits

Merck’s STEMCCA lentivirus reprogramming kits make it easier than ever to obtain and work with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Unlike traditional iPS cell generation which requires simultaneous co-infection by four separate expression vectors, the STEMCCA kits use a single polycistronic lentiviral vector to improve efficiency and reduce the number of viral integrations.

STEMCCA Advantages:

  • Efficient: uses a single vector with four transcription factors rather than co-transducing four separate expression vectors
  • Minimizes Viral Integrations: single vector reduces the risks of insertional mutagenesis and viral reactivation
  • Excisable: Cre/LoxP-regulated version enables removal of reprogramming transgenes
  • Inducible: Dox-inducible version enables enhanced control of viral transgene expression
  • Ready to Use: convenient, pre-packaged lentiviral particles provided with detailed protocols

Why TAT-Cre and STEMCCA?

Cre Recombinase is an enzyme from bacteriophage P1 that catalyzes the site-specific recombination between two DNA recognition sites termed loxP sites. Merck’s TAT-CRE Recombinase is a recombinant cell-permeant fusion protein consisting of a basic protein translocation peptide derived from HIV-TAT (TAT), a nuclear localization sequence (NLS), the Cre protein and an N-terminal histidine tag (H6) for efficient purification of the protein from E. coli. Merck’s TAT-CRE Recombinase has been shown to effectively excise STEMCCA viral transgenes from both Human and Mouse IPS cells. View poster here.