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iPS Cell Characterization

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Human iPS Selection Kit
Increase reprogramming efficiency with the reprogramming boost supplement.
The Human iPS Selection Kit allows live cell imaging and identification of fully reprogrammed human iPS cells from a heterogeneous population of reprogramming intermediates and enables the live selection of human iPS cells that can be further passaged and expanded for downstream applications. The selected live stained human iPS clones maintain normal human ESC morphology and can proliferate and be passaged normally.
During the reprogramming process, cells undergo dynamic, gradual changes, with fully reprogrammed cells showing the most ES cell like patterns of gene expression, and partially reprogrammed cells showing intermediate phenotypes. Thus, classical markers for the pluripotent embryonic state, such as alkaline phosphatase activity or TRA1-60- and 81 and SSEA1-4 expression, are critical for tracking cell reprogramming and gaining confidence in the dedifferentiated stage. These markers, along with others, are expressed at different times throughout the reprogramming process and are studying these protein changes is currently an attractive area of iPS cell research. Specifically, recent studies have shown that iPS cells display more gene copy number variation as well as areas of aberrant methylation compared to ES cells.

Merck offers many classical ES/iPS cell characterization tools such as alkaline phosphate quantification and novel ES/iPS antibodies along with proprietary live cell staining kits to identify truly reprogrammed colonies without the need to discard cultures through cell fixation.

Alkaline Phosphatase Staining Kits

Specific and sensitive tools for the phenotypic assessment of ES cell differentiation by the determination of AP activity. Endogenous AP expression in undifferentiated ES cells can be readily detected by intense staining following the recommended staining procedures. A quantitative version of the kit is also available.

ES Cell Characterization Kits

Fluorescent and non-fluorescent versions of kits contain a combination of popular stem cell markers such as Oct-4, Sox-2, SSEA and TRA markers. These all in one kits allow researchers to fully characterize their ES/iPS cells with validated antibodies.

MILLIPLEX® MAP Human Stem Cell Pluripotency Magnetic Bead Panel 1

Premixed panel of antibodies to be used for the simultaneous quantification of c-Myc, Nanog, Oct 3/4, and Sox2 with a multiplex assay. The detection assay is a rapid, convenient alternative to Western Blotting and immunoprecipitation procedures.

FlowCellect™ Human iPS Cell Characterization Kit

Merck’s FlowCellect™ Human iPS Cell Characterization Kit provides a quantitative solution for clearly identifying human iPSC cultures using flow cytometry. The kit contains four directly conjugated antibodies to phenotypically characterize human iPSCs, with three positive expressing markers (Tra-1-60, SSEA4, and human Oct4), as well as one negative marker, SSEA1.