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BHK Medium for High Density Growth of BHK21 Cells

We offer a serum-free, non-animal origin BHK medium which is optimal for high density growth and maintenance of BHK21 suspension cell lines used for viral vaccine production, and qualified for the production of, for example, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccines.

In contrast to the use of standard media such as GMEM + TPB + 10% adult bovine serum, the advantage of our Cellvento® BHK-200 medium is that no serum is required, which leads to a complete serum-free process. When the density of BHK 21 cells satisfies process requirement, the virus can be inoculated directly to the reactor without media exchange or cell separation/sedimentation steps, resulting in highly efficient virus production.

Benefits of Cellvento® BHK-200 cell culture medium:

  • Simplified process
  • Improved process consistency
  • Easier downstream purification
  • Less regulatory exposure

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