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LSKGEL050 | Kit Montage de extracción de ADN a partir de geles de agarosa

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      Replacement Information
      Número de catálogoLSKGEL050
      Nombre comercial
      • Montage
      DescripciónKit Montage de extracción de ADN a partir de geles de agarosa
      Visión de conjuntoRecover 100 to 10,000 bp DNA from agarose gel slices in a single 10-minute spin. The kit consists of a pre-assembled filter device with an agarose gel nebulizer, a microcentrifuge vial, and modified TAE gel extraction buffer (dry).

      The device utilizes gel compression to extract DNA from the agarose. Centrifugal force collapses the gel structure, drives the agarose through a small orifice in the gel nebulizer and the resultant gel slurry is sprayed into the sample filter cup.

      Prepared DNA requires no further purification for most applications, including cloning and radioisotopic or fluorescent DNA sequencing. Since agarose gel electrophoresis has high resolving power, the small and large non-specific amplification products that frequently interfere with cloning and sequencing after PCR are completely removed from the product.

      • Minimal hands-on time
      • 10-minute spin
      • Fully-functional DNA

      Typical DNA Recoveries from Agarose Gels

      DNA Size (bp) Percent DNA Recoveries

      100 78
      700 71
      1000 77
      2027 47
      4361 35
      9416 32
      23130 29

      1. Excise the band of interest after routine electrophoretic analysis of PCR products or other DNA through an agarose gel.
      2. Place the gel slice into the pre-assembled device. Note: Protocol is not compatible with low melting point agarose.
      3. Spin at 5,000 x g for 10 minutes to extract gel slurry into filter cup.
      4. DNA can be stored in the capped filtrate vial after discarding the sample filter cup and gel nebulizer.
      Alternate Names
      • Ultrafree-DA
      Referencias bibliográficas
      Información del producto
      • incluye 50 dispositivos Ultrafree-DA y 500 ml de tampón TAE modificado
      Código de coloresAzul
      Aplicación DNA Gel Extraction
      Información biológica
      Información fisicoquímica
      Información de materiales
      Material del dispositivo
      • Polypropylene
      Información toxicológica
      Información de seguridad según el GHS
      Información de seguridad
      Declaraciones de uso del producto
      Información de almacenamiento y transporte
      Información sobre embalaje
      Información de transporte
      Información complementaria


      Ficha datos de seguridad (MSDS)


      Ficha técnica de seguridad del material (MSDS) 


      The Complete Molecular Biology Toolkit - Expert workflow solutions from DNA cloning to protein expression

      Licencias necesarias e Información técnica

      DNA Extraction from Agarose Gels with the Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Device

      Ficha técnica

      Montage DNA Gel Extraction Kit

      Manuales del usuario

      DNA Gel Extraction Kit
      Ultrafree-DA DNA Extraction From Agarose Gels

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