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Colector de vacío MultiScreenHTS

For vacuum filtration of 96 and 384 samples

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Colector de vacío MultiScreenHTS para usar con las placas de filtración MultiScreenHTS de 96 y 384 pocillos así como con las placas de filtración MultiScreen Solvinert y Solvinert Deep Well Borrar Clasificación y Filtrado
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MSVMHTS00Colector de vacío MultiScreenHTS
  • incluye base del colector, cuello estándar, juntas tóricas, insertos para las juntas, todos los tubos, manómetro y válvulas
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Bomba de vacío – Accesorios Borrar Clasificación y Filtrado
Número de referenciaicon Descripciónicon Tamaño de envaseicon
SLFG05010Unidad de filtración Millex-FG; 0,20 µm, PTFE hidrófobo, 50 mm 10 Precios y disponibilidad
WP6122050Bomba de servicio químico, 220 V/50 Hz 1 Precios y disponibilidad
XX1004705Matraz de filtración a vacío, 1 l 1 Precios y disponibilidad
XX2004718Tapón nº 8 de silicona orificio de 9,5 mm 5 Precios y disponibilidad

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Placas de recogida Borrar Clasificación y Filtrado
Número de referenciaicon Descripciónicon Esterilidadicon Tamaño de envaseicon
MSCPNPS00Placa de recogida de 96 pocillos, transparente, no estéril No estéril 100 Precios y disponibilidad

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    Licencias necesarias e Información técnica

    Guidelines For Centrifugal Filtration in MultiScreen
    MultiScreen HTS 384-well Glass Fiber Filter Plates

    Ficha técnica

    MultiScreen HTS Glass Fiber Filter Plates
    MultiScreen HTS Vacuum Manifold
    MultiScreenHTS Filter Plates: New plate design for full automation compatibility

    Referencias bibliográficas

    Visión general referenciasAplicación
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    Nucleic Acid Purification and Concentration

    Preguntas frecuentes

    What plates are compatible with the MultiScreen manifold? In general, all manufacturers' plates fit the vacuum manifold.
    I’m not getting good vacuum while using the MultiScreen vacuum manifold, what can I do? Press down on the MultiScreen plate to form a good seal with the manifold. (This is normal for the low vacuum used). Make sure all wells of the filter plate are either “wet” or sealed with adhesive tape. Check all tubing connections to make sure they are tight. See the MultiScreen Vacuum manifold operators guide for more detailed troubleshooting information.
    Can the classic MultiScreen plates be run on the HTS manifold? Only in filter to waste mode. The HTS plates should be used with the HTS manifold for the most benefit.
    If using the MultiScreen HTS manifold, when do I have to use the droplet trap array? The droplet trap array should be used when filtering a 384 well plate to waste.
    When using the MultiScreen HTS manifold, how can I test to see if the manifold is properly installed and/or that I have enough vacuum for my application? The easiest way to test the manifold and/or set vacuum pressures is to put the collar on the base with nothing inside and place a collection (plastic bottom) plate on the top. You can now adjust the vacuum to the desired level.
    Can I alcohol sterilize my Multiscreen Manifold and Plates? Note: This procedure does not work for the nitrocellulose based membrane plates such as HATF. (For use on: Durapore PVDF, Biopore, and glass fiber filters).

    MultiScreen Alcohol Sterilization Protocol
    Additional Materials Required:
    1. 70% Reagent grade ethanol (with NO added denaturation agents)
    2. Suitable sterile support or container to place the plate(s) inside or alternatively on for incubation. A sterile material such as a lid can be used, although the support trays supplied with pre-sterilized MultiScreen plates are ideal.
    3. Sterilized water or buffer.
    4. Sterilized (5x9” or 4x6”) gauze or sponges for blotting the underdrain.

    Procedure (To be performed in Laminar flow hood under aseptic conditions):
    1. Thoroughly rinse, fill, and expose all surfaces of the Vacuum manifold to 70% Alcohol and incubate 5-15 minutes. Turn on vacuum to remove excess alcohol.
    2. Place MultiScreen plate to be sterilized on top of the vacuum manifold and completely fill with 70% alcohol. Be careful to expose all surfaces to the alcohol and allow to incubate 5-15 minutes. Additional plates can be sterilized by placing on a lid or other suitable object during incubation.
    3. Turn on vacuum to remove excess alcohol, tip plate to drain excess alcohol into vacuum manifold, blot on sterilized pad, and place on lid to air dry overnight in laminar flow hood.
    4. Turn on vacuum and remove all of the alcohol, add sterilized water to inside of manifold to remove residual alcohol. Allow entire unit such as the steel support and gasket to air dry under the hood with the top removed. The manifold can be stored in the hood and used as required.

    Note: The MultiScreen lids can also be sterilize by this procedure.

    1. Do not allow alcohol to remain inside vacuum manifold, it should be rinsed each day with sterile water.
    2. This procedure does not work for the nitrocellulose based
    What plates can be used with the MultiScreen HTS manifold (Catalogue number MSVMHTS00)? All MultiScreen HTS platform filter plates, Solvinert and Solvinert Deep Well plates can be used with the HTS manifold.
    Can the MultiScreen HTS manifold be used with Millipore's genomics application plates (plamid prep, pcr cleanup, sequence reaction clean up)? Filter to waste modes work, but not filtrate collection, so using the clearing plate with the plamid plate will not work. Millipore's genomics plates have not been validated on the HTS manifold. Please contact technical service for more information at 1-800-645-5476.
    I broke the tubing adapter on my MultiScreen manifold. Is there a replacement part? Yes, this piece can be purchased as part of the Repair Kit, catalog # MAVMXXA03. It's important to point out that in many cases a broken adapter result from improperly cared for manifolds. Always rinse manifold with water after its use in an assay (especially TCA precipitation assays).
    If the deep well collar sold with the MultiScreen HTS manifold or is it sold seperately? The deep well collar is sold as an accessory to the MultiScreen HTS manifold; it does not come with the manifold. The catalogue number is MSVMHTS0D.
    When using the MultiScreen HTS manifold, can I filter to waste when using a shallow well plate? Yes. The classic grid should be in place for removeable underdrain HTS plates or the collar gasket frame should be in place for Solvinert plates.
    When using the MultiScreen HTS vacuum manifold, can I filter to waste when using a deep well plate? Yes. The deep well plate should be placed on top of the manifold collar with the clear gasket support installed.
    Are the MultiScreen microPCR and SEQ plates compatible with the MultiScreen HTS vacuum manifold if I use the droplet trap array? The microPCR and SEQ plates should be run on the SAVM38401 manifold. Their use has not been validated on the HTS manifold.
    Can the droplet trap array be used with the MultiScreen Resist vacuum manifold (catalogue number MAVM0960R)? Yes, however there will be a risk that the MultiScreen 384 well plate will stick to the gasket.
    Does the droplet trap array have a top and bottom side label to help with installation? No, however it only fits into the manifold collar in one orientation.

    Manuales del usuario

    Beckman Compatible Base Kit for MultiScreen™ Solvent Resistant Vacuum Manifold
    MultiScreen Assay System Disposable Punch Tips Assembly
    MultiScreen Separations System User Guide
    MultiScreen® Collar Holder User Guide
    MultiScreen® Deep Well Collar User Guide
    MultiScreen® HTS Vacuum Manifold User Guide

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