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Pellicon® Cassette Acrylic Holder and Assembly

These acrylic holders operate a selection of Pellicon® Cassettes for tangential flow microporous filtration and ultrafiltration.



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Pellicon® Cassette Acrylic Holder and Assembly Borrar Clasificación y Filtrado
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XX42P0060Porta-cassette Pellicon acrílico estándar Precios y disponibilidad

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    Pellicon® 2 Filters and Holders

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    Tetanus Toxoid Purification: A Case Study
    Vancetto, Mary Dalva Caparroz, Jose Marcos de Oliveira, Sally Muller Affonso Prado, Fernando Fratelli, and Hisako Gondo Higashi; Nature Biotechnology Volume 15
    Nature Biotechnology Volume 15 1997

    Preguntas frecuentes

    What is the minimum working volume for the Pellicon system? Depending on the length of tubing involved and the set up of the system, it is possible to bring the working volume down to 150 mL for the standard holder. With the low retentate holder (catalog number XX42PRV60, acrylic), it is possible to bring the working volume down to 50 mL.
    What are turbulence promoters? Turbulence promoters are screens that are inserted into the feed and/or filtrate channels in TFF modules in order to increase the "turbulence" in the channels of the module and to reduce the occurence of concentration polarization (the gel layer that can form on membranes therefore slowing flux). These turbulence promoted channels allow for higher fluxes with lower pumping requirements which makes them more efficient than open channels without turbulence promoters.
    How many cassettes (0.5m2 or 2.5 m2 Maxi) can you stack into the Pellicon II holder? The systems are shipped with long tie rods (catalog number XX42P0L64 for acrylic holders and XX42P0L62 for stainless steel holders) you may stack up to 10 cassettes of 0.5 m2 each, or two Maxi cassettes. If you have the short tie rods, you may stack up to 5 cassettes of 0.5 m2 each for a total area of 2.5 m2, or one Maxi cassette of 2.5 m2.
    Is there a prefiltration requirement for use with the Pellicon system? Yes, the Pellicon system requires a 100um prefiltration. Depending on the process volume, Millipore offers an array of prefiltration modules. Contact Technical Services for help in choosing a module.

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