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Multipotent Rodent Stem Cell Characterization

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Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cell Characterization Kit
Product Highlight: Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cell Characterization Kit
The rat mesenchymal stem cell characterization kit contains a panel of positive and negative selection markers for the characterization of the mesenchymal stem cell population in rat samples. Positive cell markers include antibodies directed against cell-surface molecules (integrin b1 and CD54) present on mesenchymal stem cells, along with two extracellular matrix molecules (fibronectin and collagen type I) that are synthesized by cultured mesenchymal stem cells.
The identification and subsequent isolation on mesenchymal stem cells from various tissues depends on proper antibody marker expression and validation. Depend on Merck’s expertise in antibody production and validation to effectively characterize your rodent mesenchymal stem cells. Merck offers stand alone rodent specific mesenchymal antibodies along with characterization kit for convenient cell phenotyping.