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Prefiltration and Bioburden Reduction

Prefilters are a cost-effective, proven technology that can be used in a broad range of applications at different process steps. Membrane prefilters are available with different base media and a variety of pore sizes, in both cartridge and single use capsule formats offering flexibility to meet your process needs.

Prefilters remove particles, protect downstream unit operations and improve the capacity of sterilizing-grade filters by reducing area requirements and improving process economics. Some membrane-based filters can be used ‘stand alone’ to control bioburden in operations where sterilizing filtration is not required.

Milligard® PES Filters

Designed for effective bioburden control and reliable particle removal from a broad range of fluid streams. These membrane-based filters provide validated bioburden reduction in applications where sterilizing filtration is not required. These filters can be sterilized by gamma, steam in place or autoclave.

Available Formats

Milligard® Filters

Commonly used to prevent premature plugging of sterilizing-grade filters. Milligard® filters offer consistent performance with high retention efficiency.

Available Formats

Polysep™ II Filters

For particle removal from plugging, viscous, and challenging streams, Polysep™ II filters combine the dirt-holding capacity of a depth filter with the retention efficiency of a membrane filter resulting in high capacity and flux.

Available Formats

Lifegard™ Filters

Depth filters for removal of particulates including colloids and lipids from complex and or viscous streams. These adsorptive filters provide high retention efficiency and capacity.

Available Formats

Durapore® 0.45 µm Filters

Bioburden reduction and particulate removal filters. Durapore® 0.45 μm PVDF filters are available with or without an integrated 0.5 μm Milligard® prefilter. 

Available Formats

Durapore 5.0 µm Filters

Durapore® 5.0 μm hydrophilic PVDF filters remove aggregates and other particles in sterile bulk liquids.  

Available Formats
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