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NEW! AbSurance™ Pro Histone Peptide Microarray

Within chromatin, the accessible regions of histones represent substrates for chromatin writer and eraser enzymes, as well as recognition domains for chromatin reader proteins that facilitate higher order structure important in chromatin, gene and nuclear regulation.

The AbSurance™ Pro Histone Peptide Microarray is a glass microarray containing peptides corresponding to sequences of all four core histone subunits (H2A, H2B, H3, H4) plus select variants. Over 260 histone peptides representing various post-translational modifications are present on the array as unmodified, singly modified as well as multiply modified sequences with up to six modifications per peptide. Each Microarray is printed as two subarrays (see figure 2) with each peptide represented six times per subarray to ensure confident binding analysis and quantitation.


Histone peptide array detecting specific interactions of trimethyl histone H3.
Figure 1. AbSurance Pro Histone Peptide Microarray slide design Interaction of an effector protein with peptides on the array is detected by a primary antibody to the protein(or to an affinity tag) and a fluorescently-labeled secondary antibody directed against the primary antibody.

Alternatively, to assess specificity of a histone antibody, you need a primary antibody to a histone modification and a fluorescently-labeled secondary antibody recognizing the primary antibody. The entire procedure is similar to the one employed in immunofluorescence microscopy.

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Figure 2. AbSurance Pro Histone Peptide Microarray glass slide design.

Detailed information about the exact position of each peptide can be found in the Excel spreadsheet “AbSurance Pro Peptides.xlsx” available on our website.

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Antibodies-Assays/epigenetics-images/Absurance-Protocol-Image_350px.jpgHistone Antibody Specific Arrays

The AbSurance™ Histone Antibody Specificity Arrays are essential screening tools to evaluate the specificity and cross-reactivity of antibodies against histones H2A, H2B, H3, H4, and their post-translational modifications. Two arrays provide a total of 89 unique high quality peptides in 10 ng and 100 ng quantities to easily detect both strong and weak cross-reactivity. The H3 Array provides 8 acetylated, 27 methylated, 5 phosphorylated, and 6 unmodified peptides of histone H3. The H2A, H2B, H4 Array offers 13 acetylated, 16 methylated, 6 phosphorylated, and 8 unmodified peptides of H2 and H4. Additional rat, sheep, rabbit, and mouse primary antibodies are spotted on each array for convenient built-in positive controls.