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Epigenetics and Nuclear Function

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Epigenetics Kits and Assays

Epigenetics describes heritable changes in gene expression caused by non-genetic mechanisms instead of by alterations in DNA sequence. These changes can be cell- or tissue-specific and can persist throughout a cell’s life and be passed on to multiple generations.

Epigenetic regulation enriches DNA-based information, allowing a cell to vary its response across diverse biological and environmental contexts. Although epigenetic mechanisms are primarily centered in the nucleus, these mechanisms can be induced by environmental signals such as hormones, nutrients, stress, and cellular damage, pointing to the involvement of cytoplasmic and extracellular factors in epigenetic regulation. Currently, researchers apply epigenetics research tools to a variety of fields of study including: Neuroscience, Cancer and Stem Cell Biology.

Over the past decade, the study of epigenetics has shifted from basic mechanisms to their effect on development and disease. Throughout this time, Merck has been dedicated to developing and refining technologies for the study of epigenetic phenomena. With a comprehensive portfolio, including the former Upstate® and Chemicon® brands of reagents and antibodies, researchers can count on our dependable, high quality reagents and expert support for their studies of gene regulation.

Epigenetics Regulatory Mechanisms

Epigenetics regulation can occur at the transcriptional or post-transcriptional level by the following important mechanisms:

ChIP Ab+ and RIP Ab+ Antibodies Chromatin Immunopreciptitation (ChIP) Kits TRAPeze Telomerase
Detection Kits
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ChIP/RIP Validated Antibodies.

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    Crack the Histone Code

    With the AbSurance™ Pro Histone Peptide Microarray, you get:
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    • Histone Antibody Specificity Screening
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    Magna ChIRP RNA Interactome Kit 

    Allows analysis and mapping of regions of chromatin interacting with chromatin-associated RNAs, such as lncRNA.
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    AccuChIP Internal Controls

    Target-specific spike-in controls that make ChIP experiments more quantitative and accurate.
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