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SmartFlare™ Live Cell RNA Detection

SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Probes use RNA as the analyte and nanoparticle probes for detection. SmartFlare™ probes are designed to fluoresce when they detect specific targets in live cells. By using RNA as the target, SmartFlare™ Probes allow you to identify and analyze various markers in live cells with a single incubation step. After the incubation, the probes exit the cells allowing you to perform downstream analyses with the same, unperturbed cells.


Useful for Stem Cell and Cancer Stem Cell Research

SmartFlare™ RNA Detection Probes have been successfully used in stem cells and cancer stem cells.

The potential for a stem cell to become any cell type yields endless possibilities. However, spontaneous or undesired differentiation is inherent within cell culture conditions. SmartFlare™ Probes can be used to screen and characterize the cells before using them in follow-up experiments.

Identifying cancer stem cells within mixed populations with the odds stacked against you can be challenging. Cancer Stem Cells represent a rare subpopulation of a tumorigenic population. SmartFlare™ RNA detection probes can be used to tag live Cancer Stem Cells regardless of surface protein expression. Probes such as those targeting Nanog have been used successfully to target and isolate Cancer Stem Cells from tumorigenic populations.

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