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Vaccines for Sterile Filtration

In order to obtain a purified vaccine, a host microorganism or cell is grown, and the target antigen is separated, purified, formulated and sterilized. The wide range of vaccines and resulting diversity of feed stocks challenge manufacturers to maximize product yield and process efficiency while assuring product safety and sterility.

To meet these challenges, Merck offers a complete range of products and services to help you get your vaccine to market quickly. We can address your needs for validation services, conduct process audits, develop product specific integrity tests and optimize your process to meet demand. We also have an in-house Vaccine Process Research Lab dedicated to the development of new technologies and best practices.

Learn more about the solutions Merck provides for the Vaccine market in our dedicated Vaccine Learning Center and by exploring the areas below.

Buffers and Media

Challenges in Buffer Filtration

  • Fast, efficient, economical filtration
  • Reliable sterilization and sterility assurance
  • Compatible with wide range of process buffers and column cleaning/sanitizing solutions

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Challenges in Sterile Filtration Processes around the Bioreactor

  • Assured retention of a wide range of bacteria and mycoplasma
  • Maximizing yield and process efficiency
  • Robustness for effective sterilization with reliable integrity testing
  • Qualified bacteria and phage retention in sterile gas filtration

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Challenges in Intermediate Filtration and Processing

  • Reducing bioburden
  • Preserving product purity
  • Protecting downstream purification process steps
  • Robust processes which are scalable, sanitizable and sterilizable
  • Maximizing yield and process economy

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Challenges to Sterile Oil/Water Emulsion Adjuvant Filtration

  • Regulatory requirements dictate that the drug product be provided sterile
  • Oil/water emulsions can be difficult to validate for capacity and bacterial retention

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Final Fill

Challenges in Final (SVP) Filtration & Production

  • Assuring sterility with highly validated and robust technology
  • Preserving product purity
  • Achieving regulatory compliance
  • Filling operations in an isolator

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Challenges in Utilities Filtration

  • Longevity and good economy
  • Reliable, retention assurance
  • cGMP compliance

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