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Spectroquant® Prove 600

Process Water Analysis

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Prove 600: Powerful UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
for Complex Analyses

Spectroquant® Prove 600Spectroquant® Prove 600 is a powerful UV/VIS spectrophotometer designed for process water analysis. Offering high-resolution optics with cuvettes of up to 100 mm, the compact device is perfect for complex kinetics or spectral measurements. Prove 600 is preprogrammed for the most sensitive silicate and chloride tests, so you can detect the lowest analyte concentrations, and avoid damages to cooling and boiler water systems.

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Preprogrammed for Precision

Spectroquant® cell and reagent testsProve 600 is preprogrammed for over 180 Spectroquant® cell and reagent test kits and methods, including the most sensitive chloride, silicate and sulfate tests on the market. The test kits can be stored at room temperature. No need to wait until the test is at room temperature and no fluctuation of results due to temperature variability.

Greater Cell Size, Greatest Sensitivity

Spectroquant® Reagent TestsBesides 10, 20 and 50 mm cells, Prove 600 is also compatible with 100 mm formats for even greater sensitivity. Current methods for 100 mm cells include: silicate in process water, iron in drinking water, and phosphate in surface or process water.

Automatic Detection with Live ID

Each Spectroquant® reagent test kit contains an AutoSelector with a Live ID code. This new identification system not only transfers more data than other barcodes, but “live” data – thanks to automatic, complimentary calibration updates.

Insertion of reagent cellJust insert the reagent cell and AutoSelector into the spectrophotometer. Thanks to ambient light protection, you don’t even have to close the lid. Prove 600 will detect the test method, lot number, expiry date, and calibration updates from the Live ID code, and calculate results accordingly. This ensures faster process water analysis, secure, fully traceable results and simpler audits.

Robust, Resistant Design

Durable, removable componentsSpectroquant® Prove 600 is built to last and resistant to most chemicals used in process water analysis. Even if something is spilled in the sample compartment, you can simply remove the cell holder, rinse the compartment with water and wipe it clean.

Customizable, Transportable Data

Fast, secure data transferAccurate documentation is essential in process water analysis. Prove 600 makes it safer and simpler than ever before. The smart screen provides a clear list of all results, which can be easily filtered by date, time, spectra, method, sample ID, keyword or user.

Once you have your results, you can export the data in your preferred form – from brief overview to complete protocol. Prove 600 offers multiple ways to securely transfer data: use the USB ports to connect the spectrophotometer to your printer or to save selected data on a flash drive.

Analytical Confidence with AQA Prime

AQA Prime makes analytical quality assurance extremely secure and easy for process water analysis. You have a clear overview of AQA status, information, updates and options. You can select individual settings and measurements for each AQA. And you have complete verification and documentation for all stages of quality control: AQA 1 (instrument check), AQA 2 (system check), and Pipette Check.

AQA1 Information AQA2 Information AQA1 Activated AQA2 Activated Pipette Check
AQA1 Information AQA2 Information AQA1 Activated AQA2 Activated Pipette Check

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