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Color-Coded Decalcifier Solutions

OSTEOMOLL® and OSTEOSOFT®In routine procedures for histology hard tissues require decalcification for optical microscopic examination before further routine processing. Since all solutions are transparent, it is hard to distinguish the decalcifier solutions from the solution used for fixing, rinsing, and dehydration. Merck´s color-coded decalcifier solutions solve this problem. OSTEOMOLL® for all types of routinely used hard tissue and OSTEOSOFT® for gentle decalcification of tissues containing calcium.

Feature and Benefits

  • Convenient: Fast and reliable identification in the laboratory through the color coded decalcifier solution: Blue for fast decalcification, yellow for gentle decalcification
  • Validated: In full compliance with ISO 9001, CE certificate according to IVDD
  • User-friendly: Safe PE bottles in user-friendly 1L package size

Gentle Decalcification with Yellow OSTEOSOFT®

Bone marrow decalcificated with OSTEOSOFT®OSTEOSOFT® is optimized to gently decalcify sensitive tissues containing calcium, such as bone marrow biopsies as well as blood vessels. Based on complex-forming agents, it preserves antigen, enzyme and other fine structures, and is therefore perfect when immunohistological procedures follow. With OSTEOSOFT®, the sample material swimming on top indicates that the decalcification is finished. The yellow color allows better differentiation on the lab shelf and during processing, without affecting the decalcification process.

Fast and Universal Decalcification with Blue OSTEOMOLL®

OSTEOMOLL® is suited for fast routine decalcification of bone, teeth and other hard tissue. Unlike OSTEOSOFT®, the tissue does not first have to be fixed. OSTEOMOLL® contains inorganic acids that liberate the acids of the mineral salts. Immunohistological methods cannot be employed after the decalcification as the antigens can no longer be detected by antibodies. OSTEOMOLL® is stained blue to differentiate it better from other working solutions. 

The dyes have no effect on the decalcification process or on the tissue in question.
Both decalcifier solutions have a 3 year shelf-life at room temperature and are available in pack sizes for larger demands, such as 10 L Titripac® for OSTEOSOFT® or 2.5L PE-bottles for OSTEOMOLL®. They can be used in accredited laboratories as both products are IVD-registered and CE-certified, such that a comprehensive technical documentation is available for every user.

Ordering Information
OSTEOSOFT® Mild decalcifier solution for soft tissue, suitable with immune histological applications Color-coded yellow 101728

1 L
10 L (Titripac®)

OSTEOMOLL® For routine, hard tissue, without further processing in IHC Color-coded blue 101736

1 L
2.5 L