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There’s Only One Amicon® Ultra Filter.

Amicon® Ultra Centrifugal filters provide fast sample processing and promote high sample recoveries, even in dilute samples, through ultrafiltration. The unique features of the Amicon® Ultra centrifugal filters give you the fastest, most efficient concentration for sensitive downstream applications.

Animation: How Filter Quality Could Make
or Break Your Protein Prep

This short animation explains how choosing the right centrifugal filter could affect protein recovery.

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Efficient concentration, high protein recovery
Concentration and percent recovery using Amicon® Ultra Filters.Concentration and percent recovery using Amicon® Ultra Filters: 4 different devices (Amicon® Ultra-0.5 mL, Amicon® Ultra-2 mL, Amicon® Ultra-4 mL, Amicon® Ultra-15 mL), were tested with four different proteins (3 kDa Cytochrome C, 10 kDa Cytochrome C, 30 kDa BSA and 100 kDa IgG) to determine percent recovery and concentration factor.

Advantages of Amicon® Ultra filters:
True Dead Stop
The “dead stop” is the volume at which the device will no longer concentrate your sample. This feature:
  • Avoids spinning to dryness
  • Provides a predictable concentration factor
  • No need to calibrate for several samples run in parallel
Reverse Spin Recovery
After you are done concentrating your sample, simply invert it over a new collection tube and spin again to retrieve every drop. This feature provides:
  • Maximum protein recovery without introducing pipetting errors
  • Over 90% sample recovery, with low-binding membrane and polypropylene housing
Vertical membranes
Unlike some other centrifugal filters where the membrane is horizontal and perpendicular to the direction of filtration, Amicon® Ultra filters feature a vertical membrane, parallel to the direction of filtration. This feature provides:
  • Less clogging, less waste and faster filtration
  • Ultra-fast sample processing achieving concentration in as little as 10 minutes
  • 25- to 80-fold concentration in a single step
Broad Chemical Compatibility
Amicon® Ultra filters are made of materials that are compatible with solutions with diverse chemical properties and pH ranging from 1 to 9.

Also, they are heat-sealed, with no adhesives used to secure the parts of the device to the membrane. This feature minimizes the chance that extractable impurities will be leached into the sample.

Reliable Sample Handling
Spin precious samples with confidence in one robust, sleek unit that prevents leakage.