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With Merck as your sterile filtration partner, you will have the peace of mind that comes from working with the industry leader who has over 50 years of expertise in sterile filtration and market leading products including Aervent® (PTFE), Durapore® (PVDF) and Millipore Express® (PES) membranes. Combined, our membranes have processed billions of sterile doses.

Why choose Merck? As the industry leader in sterile filtration including aseptic filling, filter validation, filter sterilization, integrity testing, and microbiological and chemical testing, you will rest easy knowing you have chosen the best partner for sterile filtration, regulatory compliance and aseptic processing.

Bioburden and Prefilters
Prefiltration is a critical process step that extends the life of your more expensive (final) filter by reducing bioburden and removing unwanted particles earlier.   In biotechnology processes, the product is the process, the final outcome from dozens of operations over an extended period of time. To ensure safety and security.
Liquid Filtration
Final Aseptic Filtration
Choosing the right membrane is critical to the success of the liquid sterile filtration within your process. You must be sure to choose the right pore size, media material.   Sterile filtration of your final drug is the critical step to ensure product sterility and safety. At final fill, we know you are concerned about product purity, yield, cost of ownership.
Air and Gas Filtration
Hydrophobic sterilizing-grade filters are commonly used as air vents on processing tanks. The goal of the application is to maintain near ambient.   In order to obtain a purified vaccine, a host microorganism or cell is grown, and the target antigen is separated, purified, formulated and sterilized.

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