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As a market leader in industrial microbiology, Merck uses the expertise and experience it has gained to develop culture media solutions for specific applications in a variety of industries. We use this expertise to provide high quality, consistent culture media to manufacturers in the food and beverages industries:

Dehydrated Culture Media in the Form
of Low-Dust Granules

  • Easier and faster media preparation
  • Less airborne toxic and allergenic dust prevent contamination of workspace
  • Meet highest industry performance standard

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Ready-to-Use Culture Media

  • Require no additional preparation steps
  • Save you time and money
  • Include lot-specific certificates of analyses

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Convenient Culture Media

  • Reliable and fast results
  • Save space and reduce waste
  • Compliant with international standards (AOAC, Microval)

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GranuCult™, ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™
Meet the Standards in Culture Media and Regulatory Requirements

ISO 17025The new GranuCult™ granulated media and ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™ ready-to-use media help to easily stay compliant with latest reference standards. They are quality controlled by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratories, which certifies that they are fully compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014 as well as with individual standards.

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ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™

ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™

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In addition, we offer a wide portfolio of high quality granulated and ready-to-use culture media that simplifies your workflow for methods detached from reference standards. Also ask for our customized solutions.

Ready-to-use Microbiological Reference Materials: Vitroids™ and LENTICULE® Discs
Tired of serial dilutions and lengthy prep work for your working cultures?

Vitroids™Vitroids™ and LENTICULE® Discs are offered at convenient certified CFU ranges, requiring no dilution, and rehydrate in 10 minutes or less on agar, liquid media or rehydrating buffer. With a low number of passages from national culture collections (typically 2), your lab can save time while having absolute assurance of your results.

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Standards & Regulations in Microbial Testing

What if safety was an
open book?

Create regulatory compliance. Together.

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