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Cytological Staining Reagents: From Classic to Contemporary

Ready-to-use and high in quality, our cytological staining solutions and kits are designed for reliable, reproducible results. Thanks to their excellent batch-to-batch consistency, our cytology solutions ensure brilliant stains every time. All of the staining solutions and kits are IVD-registered products and CE certified. Thus, they are perfectly suited to clinical diagnostics and support laboratory accreditations. To help you maximize laboratory efficiency, our cytology products offer a long shelf life, economical usage and are available in various package sizes.

Cytocolor® Staining Kits

Cytocolor®Cytocolor® staining kits are the optimal choice for gynecological investigations. They provide valuable information regarding the integrity, hormonal status and vaginal flora in gynecological smears. The kits are not only convenient but also rapid, allowing you to produce stains within just three minutes. In contrast to classical Papanicolaou stains, Cytocolor® requires no orange stain. Hence, both mature and keratinized cells appear pink instead of orange.

Hematoxylin Solution Acc. to Gill

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Hematoxylin-120x95-08212013.jpgGill’s hematoxylin staining solutions are designed for use in Histology and Cytology applications. They are prepared using hematoxylin at Certistain® quality. Their perfectly balanced formulation means that they require no filtration prior to use.

Papanicolaou Solutions

Papanicolaou solutionsThe cytological staining technique developed by Papanicolaou is still the standard method in cancer and hormone cycle diagnosis in gynecology. We offer staining solutions for all three steps of the process: the nuclear stain and two cytoplasm stains. These are available in different versions to fulfill all diagnostic requirements and preferences.

Shorr Staining Solution

ShorrShorr staining solution is used exclusively in cytological hormonal applications, such as in the study of hormonal disorders. The solution can differentiate most effectively between eosinophilia and cyanophilia. The ratio of eosinophilic to cyanophilic cells enables information to be gathered regarding the effect of follicle hormone and corpus luteum hormone.

Cytological staining reagents

Product Range

  • Classical staining: Papanicolaou
  • Modified solutions: Giemsa's, Hemacolor®, Hematoxylin solution acc. to Gill
  • Rapid staining kits: Hemacolor®, Cytocolor®
  • Hormonal applications: Shorr staining solution

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