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Certistain® Dyes: Certified Quality

Certistain® dyesFor microscopic analysis in hematology, cytology, histology and bacteriology, dry dyes are often used to prepare staining solutions. However, for reliable staining quality, dyes should exhibit consistently high dye content, batch-to-batch stability and standardized chemical and physical parameters.

Our Certistain® dyes meets all these requirements. Each batch of our raw materials is chemically analyzed according to strict specifications and tested for functional performance in their respective applications. This guarantees persistently high dye content and stain quality. Furthermore, all Certistain® dyes are CE-compliant  IVD products, which are developed according to the criteria of the Biological Stain Commission, USA.


The Certistain® range consists of more than 30 dyes specially produced for excellent and reproducible staining results in microscopy. All dyes are tested to ensure they meet specified chemical and physical criteria, and a typical application test is performed for each dye.

Product Range

An extensive portfolio of Certistain® dyes for microscopy, adapted to the criteria of the Biological Stain Commission, USA.

All Certistain® Dyes
Silver staining kit acc. to von Kossa

Calcium Deposits

Simple, Reproducible Detection

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