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SGA sistemáticamente implementado

GHS Systematically Implemented

New GHS pictograms

With more than 2,000 items labelled according to GHS, short for Global Harmonised System, Merck Chemicals has taken the lead across the industry. The new Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on GHS classification and labelling entered into force in January 2009. The goal of GHS is to harmonise the various existing classification and labelling systems all over the world.

GHS introduces globally harmonised criteria for the classification of physical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties. An important component of GHS is the establishment of a harmonised hazard communication. This influences the contents of labels and Safety Data Sheets likewise.

Up to this day we have labelled already more than 2,000 items according to GHS and provided corresponding safety data sheets.

As part of the GHS label launch, we are prepared to help the company’s customers to familiarise themselves with the new hazard classes, pictograms, and hazard and precautionary statements through posters, brochures and an e-learning-tool. Although the implementation of GHS for mixtures will continue till 2015, our customers can rest assured that we will have GHS labels on all products well ahead of this deadline.

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